If this keeps up ill post Gamertags and dont care about the rules of microsoft. This is got to stop. I seen people kneel and are able to move faster than people running. Is this the future of games now where we buy games and console and mod them to play? I tell you what if us players ban together and go to the BBB on microsoft I bet my money they will try harder to prevent this crap.


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Naming and shaming really won't help. It will get you banned but not them. Report and move on. There really is nothing else you can do.....or is there. Something about a tag called Bancandy and she likes to hand out bans for MW3. You should look her up and give her the names :)

Well that's settled

I've been playing MW3 since release and have yet to encounter anyone cheating. Proof or it didn't happen. And just so you know it is the Game Developers responsibility to prevent cheating in their game. Also they have an in-game reporting tool, use it.

I wouldn't rely too much on bancandy or the activision support line for reporting cheaters/glitchers/hackers

I am sure they do ban/reset or whatever, but they sure are selective on who gets the chop

Had video proof of a guy exploiting a glitch with which he ended up with a k/d ratio of 45-0.

This was a couple of months ago, and nothing has been done as far as I can see looking at his profile.

The funny thing was, as he got the final kill, everyone could see him glitching on the final kill cam

I'm not sure why he got away with what he did in your case, but in almost every case I've reported somebody, it's worked. Which only proves that cheating IS in MW3.

You have to remember the number of people on the game and how many report people for cheating every day. Most reports will be people who lost to someone and report them with no real reason. Not saying these cases aren't legit but they got to wade through so manybaseless acusations to find the real cheats. So it can take some time.

op before you make accusations you should watch the match on thearter mode. i get accused of cheating all the time just because people can't accept that someone is better than them or because they got lag and lots of wtf moments.

you said these people were moving really fast , well that could be because they just died and got the "juiced" deathstreak aquipped. or they had lag, there's lots of explainations so picking the easiest one and accuse them of cheating isn't right in my opinion. also nameing and shaming is no point, none of us can help or bann people, it will just get you in trouble that's it.

p.s : fileing false complaints all the time will get you in trouble too.

believe him he gets banned all the time!^^

If you've the proof, these guys can help you:,

Yea if you consider croutching while moving really fast. I know that that person did not die cause he was 40-0 on team team deathmatch. Also I do know that me and my other teammates put a whole clip into that persons back then in the kill cam shows he took no dmg at all. If they made it where I could have real proof that I would summit it but I dont count kill cams as proof.

p.s : fileing false complaints all the time will get you in trouble too. Um no it wont and by chance it does Microsoft is a @@@ to do so. When I file a report I dont do it cause that person was good or better than me I do it because I know that person cheated. Actually I have quit filiing reports due to microsoft not banning people. I reported so many cheaters on waw that I wrote there names down to see if they get banned and nope as of today they still play not only waw but mw3 mw2. Geek even says people cheat on mw3 and hes a ambassador for live.Also I do watch the video after the match and when I die 50% of the time they never saw me or knew I was there so my hunch is right. People cheat plain and simple the Hardcore cod fans wont admit it and probly cause they do it because they are less of a men or women to actually kill someone on their own instead of using a 3nd party program.

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