cheaters on live

Can someone tell me how in the hell cheaters are obviously roaming the live, and when we report them through the console they NEVER get banned ! what is going on on the live ?! is there a captain on this *** boat ?! 


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The Enforcement team has to dig through thousands of reports each day, a lot of cheaters and other people who break the rules get dealt with as well each day. It just takes time.

Just remember to file a complaint, block communications and move on

seems cheaters never get banned and i get banned instantly for a few cusswords lol

It does take a while. You have to remember just how many people play on Xbox Live and break the rules. Some reports just get seen ahead of others.

=> thecallmekatz. I "was" thinking the same thing as you first. Then i did realize one thing. How long is "a while" for microsoft. i've reported some players 3 years (yeah THREE YEARS ago) on halo (for exemple) and they are still here, still cheating and they even brag about it like little brats they are...

So the question is : what is a reasonable delay before you report an obvious cheaters and him get banned... because i can't see for the life of me, an answer from microsoft to that question !


MS reps will tell you to post on forums and the forums have different rules which ms added so they dont have to respond to people then some mods on the forums will delete your topic even though others break the rules and side with them. This is a joke and MS should step up.

@sephir they are still brats after 3 years?