Cheaters / Hackers / Glitchers, and other Unsavory Folk

Well, I ran into my first cheater last night in Anor Londo. GT named SONIXCZ. What a jerk. He was completely invincible. Me and two other guys, nothing we could do hurt him. We finally managed to knock him off the ledge, but that didn't stop him. He still kept invading, over and over. He invaded me when I was hollow! I don't have any sin, so that's not supposed to be possible. I hope he gets banned from XBL forever! How to deal with these guys?

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Report them and get all the other phantoms to do so as well.  Then, hope that Xbox does something about it.  That's about all you can do.


I recently had a gank squad in the Kiln of hackers with infinite health and stamina.  I was invading as a Darkmoon and kept getting put into their world.  It sucks, but there's not much to do about it.

Sometimes in situations like that I take the opportunity to practice my evasion skills.  Nothing drives a modder crazier than when you won't stand still long enough to hit.  Five or six minutes of you dodging them probably will make quit in a pissy mood.  Then send them a message that says "Coward" and put in brackets (you can reply if you want, but I just blocked you :)

Had a good one yesterday.  Modder with tons of health, but not much skill to go with it.  I plugged this player for over 3000 damage before finally winning.  And, I got hate mail telling me how much I suck (among other choice words) after beating a cheating modder.  Oh how I love the Dark Souls community sometimes.