cheaper xbox liive games

microsoft should lower the price of its xbox live games to make people more people purchase the games and get more people developing the games.


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i dont think there prices are 2 bad just think the quality of the games are not that great i love my xbox but wii virtual console and psn have better games on them there more then just sega for there retro games like to see turbo duo tittles and pc engine come to xbox live can wait for radiant silver gun and gaurdian heroes but xbla need to get other console games on there the are neo geo many other consoles that had great games to port over and final fantasy games need to be ported they need to make deal with sqaure enix i would buy them all also parodious gates of thunder lord of thunder plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Prices are fine, but the quality of games lately is poor,

They've been the same price for 5-6 years.  Be glad they haven't went up.  Name me something else that's stayed the same price for that long...

I wan mah 50 dorrah plice bak!

I think regular game prices are ok however the price of most XBLA games are just insane. While 400 to 1200 Microsoft points may not seem like much, it really is considering some of these games used to come on compilation discs which would contain up to 20 games at a retail price of 19.99. Sonic Mega Collection Plus contained 20 games for 20 bucks and is backwards compatible. Content like this would cost you well over 100.00 on the marketplace.

lowering prices would hurt developers, brah.

Yea. They cant really lower prices on disc based games however what I really feel many developers need to do is create their single player and multiplayer games seperately. The problem we have been seeing here these past two generations is instead of giving us an amazing campaign experience, they are cramming two to three different games on a single disc. Paying for a single player and multiplayer game together pretty much gives you two very incomplete games. You get a 5 hour campaign and maybe 10 to 14 multiplayer maps. Why not make two seperate games instead giving you the ultimale experience with a 20 hour campaign as well as 30 to 50 multiplayer maps in a single game like Epic used to do with their multiplayer only Unreal Tournament games? They could even add a choice ofr a combo pack at a discounted price. I know with this idea, I would probably buy more games.