Charge Rifle Critically Conditioned Not Counting?

Why is it that when I get a spot on hit on the red areas when a titans shields are down, I go back to my challenges to see if I have more and its still sitting at one? Anyone else having trouble with this regen challenge?


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yea same here man not sure what I'm doing wrong. I even rodeo them and shoot them while on top (sometimes suicide) and only half count

Make sure you're seeing a red X hit marker when you hit, otherwise its not hitting the critical point.

Took me ages to get this one done. Seems to be a bit buggy but you get there eventually.

Its a tough one.....still trying to get them.....Im at stage 3 almost 4

finally got it, it helps if you're like, dead infront of the titan. Also I noticed that if you rodeo an atlas titan and shoot into the brain, it will count as 1 critical each time.