Characters with 'down-up' specials...

For the love of god, stick a button on the end of the manouver!   Sometimes I can barely move around the screen with Noob without having him leaping through the floor.  Let alone pull off some of the longer combos.


Awesome game, but I can't see for the life of me why NR didn't make that 'up' motion need a button press too.  It's also button-masher's paradise.


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learn how to block?

I'm not talking about people doing it t me, I'm talking about me accidentally doing it.  for example, i go from ducking, maybe pulling off a sweep, to jumping.  But instead of simply jumping I end up pulling off an unwanted special.


It also means that if you're playing a button-masher (e.g. my GF) then it's a move they can do


a) without trying or knowing how

b) frequently, if not repeatedly


Yes, I can sit there and block constantly.  But if someone your were playing was intentionally doing nothing but a move like Noob's teleport slam, would you be content to just block constantly?


In my opinion it's just to easy a special to pull off, to a fault.  Sticking a button press on the end would have made more sense to me.

Yeah, the negative edge in this game is a bit more harsh than other fighting games. I tend to pull off those types of moves without ever trying or wanting to at times. Pretty annoying but oh well.

Yeah, I do like the game a LOT   I'm not really unhappy with it, but it's just one minor annoyance I think could have easily been avoided.

Maybe my ninja fingers just need more practice

Don't pick Raiden or Noob then.  

xThe13thWarrior is correct,if you have a problem with a character,try to learn a another one. There are plenty to choose from lol I also use a arcade stick,which give the player a lot of control. Xbox controller IMO is not that good for fighters,more good for FPS games.

Yeah, maybe it would be better with an arcade stick I guess?  But I haven't got one anyway, and I'd guess most people dont.


Anyway, if it doesn't bother you, then fine .  I'm just stating an opinion and asking if others agree with that opinion - that those moves are too easy to pull off, whether intentionally, or (more annoyingly) not intentionally.  Saying 'don't use them then' isn't a fix, it's just avoiding the problem, and if I like the rest of the characters moves and combos, then it's cause of frustration.  That's a fair enough point I think.  Aside from that, I'm still playing and still loving it.


It looks like most people don't agree, which is fine.  A bit surprising though, given the other threads on here talking about 'cheap' moes and how annoying they are, or how annoying it is to play against people who use them.  Including this thread where xThe13thWarrior himself about the problem of characters with cheap moves -

There are times I end up playing through the roster with friends for fun. On some, namely Shang, I end up shooting a fireball instead of performing another move. Still, it's fun and I can't really be bothered to waste money on a stick for only a couple games. I don't main Shang, but I do like to play around with characters once in a while. It's not a huge problem but it does become irksome when you pull off a completely random move on accident. Oh well, the negative edge is pretty high and sometimes you have to cope with it.

Yeah, it's no biggie anyway.  Just something I thought could have easily been avoided.  Definitely not made me want to steer clear of the game  Or Noob and his shadowy combos.

Yeah I wrote about cheapness in another thread, I don't mind teleports as such, but the cheap moves just to get the win ie, Kabals razors, Scorpions flame, Nightwolfs charge, if you & your opponent are down to a 3rd of your health, then these moves will come out non stop.  Not everyone does it but most online do & they are annoying.  I have no real problem with doing moves accidently except for Sektor, can't get his combos going at all, I don't choose him now cos of it.