character transfer?

how does your character transfer from mass 2 to 3? if i have a 40 adept will i start out as a 40 adept with same power sets? or is all of that reset? same with friends if the crew dies in mass2 will they be in mass 3 or they lost?


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We don't know the exact specifics yet, only that it will work similar to ME 1's import system into ME 2.

If you lose a squadmate in Mass Effect 2, just like if you lost Kaiden/Ashley/Wrex in ME 1, then they will not be in the next game.  So if you lose Garrus for example during the Suicide Mission, then he will not be in Mass Effect 3.

As for your level and powers, supposedly powers will carry over, but I'm not sure about your level. By the way you cannot have a level 40 adept in ME 2, the level cap is 30. Unless you were thinking of ME 1, which then that would be true.