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So Im pretty new to this game but Ive been playing for a few days.  Ive spent a lot of time customizing the character tactics for each member of my party.  Im not really sure how that all works though.  Do they still use other abilities that I have not assigned?  I mostly set up when to use heath, when to defend my mage, and when to use certain abilities.  But there are many abilities that I have not assigned.  Do the characters use them on their own?


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As far as I have seen from playing it if its not in their tactics then they dont use it. I modify some of it as well especially to get the helpful buffs and seems to work well.  

Spending a few points in combat tactics when characters level up, will give you extra slots.  I beleive that they work down the tactics list, one at a time, then start again.

Good advice.  I have found the value of the combat tactics skill.  It definately helps give the computer controlled players more uses.  But what I'm saying is that if Alstair has 10 abilities, but only 7 of them are set up in tactics, does he just not use the other 3?  So should I only set up what I want him using and the rest will not be used?

As far as im aware.  Like I say, it works down the tactics list from top to bottom.  Anything not on the list, will not be used.  Also, its good to have a slot saying, self/health<25%/use item/health poultice etc, etc.

Yeah the tactics are pretty straight forward. On all of the NPC's I usually fill all of the combat tactics in theirs so it makes it so they can use a more broad range of tactics. I dont usually have to change anything except to make them use heath pots or to activate a buff that I want.  

thats true. they are quite simple to manage. Its only playing on nightmare mode, where you have to really have a good think about the tactics and stats of everything else