Character Stud Red Brick Issue

I have been able to open every jail cell and free the prisioners, except for the one right next to the red brick room. There is a station there, but it is not active. I have turned all the wheels in each room before it, but cant figure out how to power this room up. I found a video that showed using the dark force on the wheel to the upper right of it, but in mine there is only one segment and I can't force on it. Any ideas?


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I looked at that video, and I don't recall having done what it shows to open that cell.  Unfortunately I no longer have the game (it was a rental) so I can't go and see what is actually there in the xbox version.  I don't recall having to do anything special to activate that panel, but it could have been that I just happened to stumble across whatever it was without having to go looking.