Character Still Drifting

I bought the digital version of Titanfall last night and the one thing I still notice is that my player still drifts to the right even when I'm not touching the analog stick. It always happens though after I move left or right when going in and out of cover. It's like the analog has a dead zone. It was like this in the beta too. Anybody else experiencing this?


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I have not been able to play yet. But quick question- do you notice this for any other game?  Your Xbox input- what does it show?   If you can change what the input says change it to pc- that might help.

Also have to ask just like any tech support- did you do the controller update?

sounds like your controller has had it, usually when it starts to drift it means the stick has had it

Have you tried updating the controller firmware?

i also had tjis issue in beta, havnt tried the retail yet. its not a bad controller, since the controlers are new.

It doesn't do it in any other game and I made sure my controller was updated. I don't know it's weird.

Its the controller, one of mine does it, the other doesn't seem to.

My Brand spanking new controller does this as well... got the titanfall bundle last Tuesday, so I am playing on a digital copy as well. I updated my controller also. Noticed this problem right off the bat when I started the training levels. I spawned in right in and my character was slowly moving to the right. This problem is VERY annoying. On another note the controller to me just seems cheaply made. Mine is note even solid black. There are splotches of darker and lighter areas all over the controller.  Not happy after spending $541 and have some thing like this happen..  

The same thing is happening to me can xbox or ea confirm there is a problem with stick drift and what can be done to fix this problem I have re installed titanfall 3 times updated controllers no one is saying there is a problem but there is a problem

I experience this as well.  How exactly does one update the controller firmware?

Jay go to settings and you can update the controller will need and cord ( I used my cord from my Android phone ) to connect the controller to the Xbox One and follow the directions