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I've recently discovered that a character in the up coming game 'Dead Island' has the name Logan, I took extra noticed because that's my name.  The King in Fable 3 is also named Logan.  This got me to thinking, what determines the name of a character in any given video game.

To be honest I thought it was cool that the name Logan was used in each game, though 'Logan' isn't used very often, why not use a more popular name?

Also, what is the most popular video game character name?  And what name would you like to see being used more often?


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Wolverine is generally called Logan.

Well, yeah...  But he's more of a comic book character than a video game character, that and he's a re-occuring character.

Yeah but he made the name Logan cool, So did the TV show Logan's run. I don't really pay attention to names, other wise I would be starting a thread because a Character in Deus Ex has my name.

the only time I have ever pointed out something in a game that relates to me was when I made my Saints Row character look exactly like me, then took the game over my friends house and watched his jaw drop that a Video game character looked like me and even stood and moved like me. I let him in on the fact I had to customize him a little bit later on. But the expression was priceless.