Character Designs

You see plenty of posts about who the best gaming characters are, but who do you think has the best character design?  Why?


What tends to catch your eye in character design work?


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I think the best designed characters are ones that use colors other than brown, grey or black in their outfit without sticking out like a sore thumb in their surroundings. I'm also a sucker for the color green so characters like Guan Xing (from Dynasty Warriors 8) and Green Arrow (from Injustice) are my favorites.


As previously mentioned the color green catches my attention easily. Auburn colored hair also tends to stick out for me. I believe we are only talking about visual details(?) but having extreme personalities are another thing that piqué my interest.

Isaac Clarke in the original Dead Space, hands down.

After playing Tekken Tag 2, I like Lars' design and I always liked Tekken Tag 1's Yoshimitsu.

Bouncer Big Daddy.