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So after playing GTA Online since launch and reaching level 17. I saved my game and shut my console off to go shopping. I come home turn on the console and load up GTA and click A to start online. When loading i get a blue screen then its telling me that i have to select a storage and where to start off from. So i click one of them and it brings me to an empty character slot and appearently my character is know where to be found. Has anyone else have had this done to them besides me. I am pretty upset about this. 


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Yes! I have had the same. Got to rank15 and go to load up again laters and gone. Yet my crew score is still the same. Sent a report to Rockstar but have not received anything back yet. Just hope the update will sort it.

Yep, I have both that and about $40,000 in car upgrades vanish and revert to an older version of the car. The real kicker is it sure did remember the money I spent on everything. That was gone.

I find it's best to always Quit and Begin via the Single Player once you access the Storage Device. But regardless, this Online is epic. I literally played for 20+ hours today. It's a sickness.

I have not had that happen to me yet.  I am not super impressed with gta:o so if it does happen then screw it, I'll just call it quits and trade in my copy.

Just made a post about this as well. GD MF!

Apperantly when the update comes out later tonight for xbox that we should get our characters back and not have to start over.

I think what it may come down to is whether Rockstars servers are accessible or not at the time you load, as you can't save when they are down... Nor can you access saved content.

I always go from multiplayer to single player when I'm coming off of online. So that I know it has saved.

And I also go from single player to multiplayer when going online.

I never use the A button when its loading.

So far the only issue i have had is that somtimes my money has disappeared.(now I just spend it before coming off)

But my charector is always there.

^ I always do that too, but my guy just disappeared for a half hour anyway.


Whatever you guys do, do not make a new character in the same slot your original was in, that will make it more likely that you will never get your original back. Also, if you're signed up for social club, check your online stats, if it still shows your character and stats, there is a good chance you will be getting it back.

Happened to me too. Been playing since an hour after release. Today I lost everything except I did get to keep my money.

Ok guys, this is what happens, for some reason, the server connection gets screwy while loading, and it may not load your character on to your console. so it may APPEAR like the character is deleted. But the character is in the CLOUD, NOT ON YOUR CONSOLE. If for any reason, your connection to the server drops, you may not save, or when loading up a character they may not be there.

When this happens, DO NOT create a new character, as this will save over the character that you dont see, and the character is gone for good. Just reset the game and load up online, until your character does show up.

EVERYTIME my character not show up, all I did was reset my console, or dashboard, and reloaded it and my character was there. Sometimes I would have to do it 2-3 times, but it always showed up.

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