Character creation/customization help

I love this in any game that has the feature, but I suck at it.

So, is there any guides online, that show a pic or a celebrity, AND has all the numbers and settings to achieve it?

I've searched for hours, and all I could find is discussions and videos and pics showing you can do it, but none has the part I need... The actual settings to do it.

I'm terrible, and I lose patience and my characters always end up looking funny now matter how hard I try.


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You can download other people's Characters from the website. Just browse through them until You find one You like. Then after You download it You can tweak it to Your liking. Here is the Link.

Make sure when You pick one tho to move it to Your Queue. Good luck and have fun!

P.S. If you need help and don't use Cheats I would be happy to help.

I don't use cheats. I've got a friend I work with on SR2, but he doesn't have the third yet.

Saints Row The Third is pretty easy, though challenging in some parts. Even if you don't have all the DLC, if you download the free Viewer Packs (Viewer Pack The First/Second/Third) you'll be able to join someone who has all those DLC downloaded and installed. If you need some help ingame, send me a FR and if I'm on at the same time you are, I'll help you out if I can.

Ok, looked at some, added some to my thing. Fired up my game, went through all the frustration cause all my passwords got reset. Now what??? I can't find where to download any of them onto my game.... Oh, my brain dinged as I was typing, I gotta go to the plastic surgeon.

Found it at a clothing store... Now I just wish the game wouldn't freeze when I try to take a pic of me blowing stuff up with a mingun. Miniguns and cameras just don't seem to mix.