Character build?

My main is:

Level 45 - Really Good Karma


Barter: 45 - Energy Weapons: 65- Explosives: 40- Lockpick: 55 - Guns: 100- Medicine: 100-  Melee: 20 - Repair: 95 - Science: 100 - Sneak: 65 - Speech: 100- Survival: 35- Unarmed: 12.

***Note that this is what I remeber, may not be completlely accurate**** I'll try and get my perks up soon.


Clothes: Joshua Graham's armor, 1st recon beret, authority glasses.


Main weapon: Dinner Bell, This Machine or the All American.


Companions: Veronica, Ed-E.


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You listed a character build without SPECIAL? I'll list mine, but I'll wait until I can copy it directly.

I've done 3 playthroughs counting my current so far & I've tailored them to get certain achievements.  The one constant is that I've thus far gone for Good karma Characters regardless of the playthrough, guess I just can't play evil characters. Anyway: 


For the uninitiated: B=Barter, EW=Energy Weapons, E=Explosives, G=Guns, L=Lockpick, M=Medicine, MW=Melee Weapons, R=Repair, S=Science, Sn=Sneak, Sp=Speech, Su=Survival, U=unarmed

1st playthrough:  Independent Vegas This was for the vanilla game before any DLCs came out. 

Female, Lvl 26;  SPECIAL not one STAT below 6 with Endurance at 8

B 28, EW 48, E 20, G 66, L 100, M 42, MW 32, R 78, S 60, Sn 28, Sp 60, Su 60, U 60


Trigger Discipline, Wild Wasteland, Black Widow, Intense training X4, Purifier,  Strong back, Swift Learner, Tag!, Toughness x2, Weapon handling, All unarmed & misc perks

2nd: Legionaire

Male, Lvl: SPECIAL End 7, Chr 5, Lu 8 the rest not 1 below 6

B 70, EW 90, E 45, G 27, L 90, M 64, MW 60, R 100, S 90, Sn 36, Sp 100, Su 52, U 28


All the Dead Money perks,  Educated, Intense training x3, Jury Rigging, Khan trick, Laser Commander, Long haul, Math Wrath, Plasma Spaz,  Strong back, Swift Learner x2, Tag!, Terrifying presence,  Toughness x2, Weapon Handling, trigger Discipline, Wild Wasteland

I'm still on the Mr House playthrough. 

Forgot the level on the Legionaire playthrough: 35

Have 4 characters on the go at the moment, 1 of which is "glitched" which I will put on here:

S 10 P 9 E 8 C 1 I 10 A 8 L 1,  when I wear Boones Beret, the Tri valense Glowing rings and The Stealh suit it goes to

S 10 P 10 E  9 C 1 I 10  A 9 L 1,

All skills at 100, Messiah, Good Karma, 77 Perks,  HP 480, AP 89,   will put others on later,

This character was made using the Powder Ganger glitch in Goodsprings, and have done the DLC's, HH, DM and OWB, have only got as far as Novac in the main story, but have run round getting skill books and Legendary weapons from most of the places you find them,  

"Boones Beret, the Tri valense Glowing rings".


Bit odd to have those two equipped at the same time, isn't it?

works a treat and looks good as well, +1 per and +5 criticals for the Beret, +1 endurance and health regeneration for the tri rings,  try it,  lol

I've used them both, I just didn't realise you could use them both at the same time.


I'm using Reinforced Metal Armour with the Centurion Helmet at the moment, but the Tri Valence Rings were good for Old World Blues.

Joshua Grahams armor, or the gecko backed reinforced leather armor,  Boones Beret and the tri rings, sorted, don't like using metal armor, -1 to Agility, like travelling light,

Is it a good or bad idea to try and keep your skills somewhat even? On my character all skills are at least 60 and the highest is 95.

The higher your skills are the better your character is, and the more choice of perks you can get when you level up,  Depending on your level and how far you are in the game, there are 52 skill books (4 for each skill) in various locations in the game, also there is 13 skill holodisks in OWB, as well as 2 chinese stealth books and a Big Book of science,  and in HH and DM skill books are found randomly,  If you have the educated perk, it gives 2 extra skill points every time you level up, and the comprehension perk, give 2 x magazine bonus (20) and 1 extra skill point when you read the books. Don't put any skill over 80, as you can get at least 20 points from the books,  you should be able to get most if not all your skills to 100, just take your time, and look everywhere,

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