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The one big thing that always ALMOST ruins Rockstar games for me is the clunky way their characters walk around, bumping into things, moonwalking into corners, and walking in place against a wall as if it weren't there.  The characters never feel nimble or super-control-able.  While this certainly doesn't ruin the games for me, I can't help thinking about how much better each game would be if I weren't controlling a character who was behaving as if he were on roller skates coated with molasses!   

Has anyone heard anything about the new character animations, how well they interact with their environments, etc?  I love playing games like Uncharted- where if your character walks close to a wall, he'll put a hand up on it, to keep himself from shouldering into it.  It's a nice touch that I feel like Rock Star needs to emulate!


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I would really love this sort of interaction between the character, including NPCs, and the environment. Although I think the reason this isn't implemented, and don't quote me on this, is that I believe the open world style of the game doesn't allow for these sorts of implementations. I agree, Uncharted's level of animation is pretty amazing, but I think it is because the game is linear and heavily scripted, it allows for these sorts of things, as opposed to GTA, a vast and open world game where many different things can be happening through the physics, etc. Maybe all the great implementations in GTA are taxing enough on the system that they don't allow for details like the kind you mentioned. Just my two cents though.

That's actually a really good point.  A vast open world game might have more trouble having the character interact with his environment.  But surely they could program a sort of "Bubble" around the character.  He could just interact with things inside that bubble.  What do I know?  I'm hardly a programmer!  All I know is that I LOVED Red Dead Redemption- probably my favorite game of all time- but the clunky way the character moved around just took me right out of the deep immersion.  Seems like it would be a reasonably easy thing to fix.  Especially after all this time has passed.  

Completely understand where your coming from however to say it 'ruins' the game(s) is a bit strong in my opinion. There was an improvement from SA to IV so I see it impossible for Rockstar to not have tweaked its animation in someway.

All three characters have different animation,just like with Niko,Johnny and Luis,The multiplayer character in IV was probably the least clunky

Seems like you just a noob,stick with CoD brah

Have you ever played Max Payne 3? Character movement was 100 times better in that game than Gta IV.

I agree with Wh1t35hadow, and although I didn't enjoy Max Payne 3 very much, I really did like the way the character controlled in that game. I hope Rockstar took some inspiration from that game's controls.

I never did play Max Payne, but I'm glad to hear that people think it's getting better.  So thank you for the HELPFUL comments.  

I definitely didn't say it ruins the game for me.  I said it ALMOST ruins the game for me, because dealing with clunky characters who cannot turn or walk normally really takes me out of the immersion of the story.  In Red Dead, trying to walk around my house was ridiculous!  It shouldn't take 3 tries :)    Assassin's Creed manages to have a nimble and graceful character who is in a large, open world setting, so I know it's possible.  I just hope RockStar gets it right this time.  

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