Chapter 11 boss problem.

The boss I'm having problems with is Bart second encounter.The boss always cast so many status in every round.Any advice or tips?


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I didn't have a problem with him, but I had done a lot of side-tracking, with the Cie'th Stones, so my characters were pretty beefed up. At the very least, you should have all of the characters fully developed in their default roles.

Once you've done so, go back and fight him.

Personally, I kept a medic in my team the whole fight, to deal with all of the status effects. This was my character and Paradigm set-up:

Lightning - Vanille - Snow






I kept the first Paradigm for majority of the fight. Lightning pounds away and does damage, while Snow gets the Chain Bonus up, and Vanille keeps your party healthy and free of status effects.

If things start to get slightly bad, Barthandelus can be provoked, so switch Snow to a Sentinel, and let him take the hits, until Vanille has everyone healed, then switch back. Lightning should still be attacking the whole time.

If it gets even worse, then switch to two Meds and a Sentinel, for some quick healing, before switching back to the original Paradigm.

Try and avoid using the two meds unless you really need to. If you keep the Commando in your party the whole time, you should manage to keep your chain bonus going. It won't increase much unless you have a ravager, but it will deplete slowly as well, so you should be fine keeping it.

Then, once you've staggered him, I would switch to COM - RAV - COM. Commandos tend to do more damage, especially when you're focused on one target, so it's handy to have two in the team when an opponent is staggered. However, sometimes you may have to switch to COM - MED - COM if your health gets low so you don't let your characters die, so be sure to constantly keep an eye out for that.

Also, on a side note, if Vanille ever dies, make sure you quickly cancel your actions using B, and revive her with a Pheonix Down straight away! If she's gone, the party will quickly lose.

Overall, if you follow that strategy, you should be okay. However, the battle did take a fair while.

If you're still struggling, improve your accessories and weapons using the upgrade option from a save point. Personally, I like to have every character with a really good health bonus accessory - especially my leader, so that game overs are less likely. I think Lightning had a 1000HP bonus? Or possibly more.

If you have two slots with everyone, I'd either put a Strength boosting accessory on the leader or a damage reduction one. On Vanille, either extra health or improved Magic so she cures more. On Snow, improve either his magic (for use with the Ravager) or Strength (for the Commando when Barthandelus is staggered).

If you've got three slots, put both of the above suggestions on each. And improve them all as much as possible.

Here's a handy upgrade guide which I use:

You should be completely fine after that =)

If you're still struggling, feel free to send me a message =)

On another note, once you're finished the fight with Barthandelus, your Crystarium expands. I would advise you at this point to do a lot of side-tracking and improve your characters before you continue with the story, because the next chapter has a lot of difficult enemies, and not a lot of opportunities to side-track to build your characters up if you're struggling. So honestly, don't continue with the story just yet - I made that mistake, and it made the game VERY difficult. So I'd strongly advise you not to do what I done!

Even if you just max out the Crystarium in one or two of each characters default roles, it'll make things much easier for you. A good test for whether or not you're ready is to go back to the Mah'habara (the tunnels you were in on your way to Oerba) and fight the Juggernaut which was wondering about near the end of the tunnels. If you can beat this, you're ready to continue, because, without giving any details, there's a few of them in the next chapter, so you need to be able to beat them.

Sorry for the length of this post! But I hope it helped you! =)

If you have any more questions, feel free to mail me, and I'll help in any way I can =)

Maybe it's my HP stats a problem or is it my weapons that I use on everyone. But thanks for the advice and tips.

I did not read the entire wall, but I would recommend to change some of the paradigms.

First of, Saboteurs and Synergists are vital in any battle. Haste, Bravery, Faith, Veil, Slow, Deshell and Deprotect are all tide turners in this battle.

I would also recommend to have at least 1 paradigm with more than 1 ravager in it. The reason for this is that it takes forever to stagger with only 1 ravager which is especially bad in this battle since barthandelus uses an attack that resets the stagger gauge. Tridisaster (rav,rav,rav) should be included, at least smart bomb or relentless assault.

I was halfway of beaten the boss when he cast his doom spell on my leader and not sure I should change the battle speed to slow.Hope doesn't learn haste until post game(I'm not sure I'm correct on that)

The one thing about this boss he use an attack that will erase haste and other debuff on everyone.I can't go back to Gran pulse to do more mision that I miss.

[quote user="SpinalGlobe291"]

Hope doesn't learn haste until post game(I'm not sure I'm correct on that)


Sazh get Haste already in chapter 10, and is better than Hope as both ravager and synergist. No reason to use Hope in chapter 11 to be honest. Vanille heals twice as fast with her Curaja spell. Hope gets both Haste and Curaja in chapter 12 (after you beat the boss).

[quote user="SpinalGlobe291"]

The one thing about this boss he use an attack that will erase haste and other debuff on everyone.I can't go back to Gran pulse to do more mision that I miss.


It is still worth it since bravery/faith/protect/shell increases your stats by 40% (while deprotect/deshell decreases his stats by 40%). Haste and Slow is even more important. 

You are obviosly doing something wrong if you are not able to beat this boss. It should be more than enough if you stagger him twice. I would've gone with Fang/Light, Vanille and Sazh. Keep in mind that there is only easy bosses in this game.

Not sure why this boss is so hard to ebat at my current level or have a difficulty option in the game.I'm still using the wrong party members but I'll try your strategy.I hope I can beat the boss this time.Why do bosses cast Doom and battle speed should be on normal or slow.

I had no problem fighting him, you might be better off doing some side quest, leveling, and upgradeing your items and characters.


And if you still can'nt beat this foe, Try get your hands on the FFXIII Strategy Guide, I've found it most helpful.

Which official guide is best to get because I'm not sure I have the correct official guide?

The one I have is made by Piggybank, thay have 2 copys:

The official Guide & the Limited Collecters Guide

I have The official Guide, I dont think there is any diffrence between them, only the Limited Collectors Guide has a Hard Back cover, But I may be wroung.

Also, I found the walkthough that IGN did even better, This can be found on there web page.

IGN walkthrough isn't very well done because it doesn't have tips for bosses in main story like chapter 11.I have gave up on this game for three weeks now.I tried with Lighting,Vanille and Snow but they didn't help me beat the boss until he cast his doom spell.

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