Chaos Theory of Faith, a Friendly clan awaits you!

Hello, allow me to spend a little time telling you about CToF or Chaos Theory of Faith, we are a small clan devoted to hearing out all members, having fun and playing games together.

We enjoy a variety of games such as, Resident Evil/Biohazerd, Gears of war, Call of Duty Modern warfare 2-3, Halo: Reach and afew more...


We are a cusual gaming clan not a compatative clan(although some of our members might get mad at a game or two). So no need to worry about someone yelling at you for doing somthing wrong, we'll just laugh as ask "Up for another game? (smiles)". We prefur this friendly envirment because it's fun, and that s why all are members play games together, it's to have fun not to be yelled at.


Are requirments/Rules are simple, No Cheating/Glitching in games (Makes the game unenjoyable for others) and to "Have fun". other then those nothing else is required of the clan members or potential clan members.


Oh and don't worry about the proplem with most clans ignoring you, As a small clan we like to keep intuch with every member and have a meeting once or twice a week, somtimes to simple ask "how are you?" or "have anything to say?".

We like the idea of asking all our members for ideas to improve the clan or asking them what would they like to play for the next gamenight.


An don't worry if Your unable to make it to a meeting or Game night, just send a message saying "can't make it" or somthing like that and (hears the cool part),

Will actually have somone in the meeting note what we're doing and send you a message explaining after we finish. That way every member knows whats going on within the clan. Pretty cool no? (^-^)


Well thats It for now, If you wish to join feel free to post here or send me a message.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day! d(^-^;)


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