Changing controls?

Why does EA not give you the option to make your own button lay out?  Change player and pass should NOT be the same button.  And who ever thought of the idea to change your guy to the receiver when you pass before he gets the puck should kill themselves.


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If you're gonna get pissed over something like this, just sell the game and stop whining.

Frig off scotty, how hard is it to include the option to let people make their own controls?  And I am sick of trying to make a pass up the boards only to discover the AI has my winger sitting on their blue line so when I pass up it immediately goes off side.  And when you are going to change players only to see the other team mess up and give it to your guy only for him to give it right away, smdh, terrible.  EA and you gotta figure it out.  And where are the Jets jerseys, common.