Changing Clothes in Apartment

Is the changing clothes option in Aprtment online no longer available?

I can't change Clothes!!!


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The neighbor complained that you let your blinds open, now their blind..............

Changing clothes still works.  Just hate going back to clothing store to put crew patch on other shirts though.  Also still cant put crew patch on leather jackets yet.  Kinda lame I think.  Some bug.

@GRAW  I've always been able to put my patch on leather jackets, is this something new that's happening  or has it always been like this for you?  I'm going on now to see if my character can change in the apartment..

@Graw and OP.    I just checked and I can get changed in my apt. and then went to the clothing store and put an emblem on my leather jacket.

Emblem is locked for my jackets.  I'm Kingpin for my crew and ranked 120.  Shows all three locks for jackets emblems.  I had this bug since I bought the game.  I own all the clothes in the game.

That really sucks, hopefully someone more savvy than I can help..

Its been broke since day 1.

I am like you. I own all and I am able to change clothes everyday. For the emblem on the jacket go to the clothing store pick and put on your jacket. Then go back to clothing list and go to the top. Put Emblem on. Done.

I know how to put emblem on man.  Shows a lock on it.