great game have sleeped but four hours needs to be able to let ur friends play on  a designed map  when ur not online so they can keep working as i acctuall in reality go to work lol


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I realize your situation, but the problem with this is people can grief your world. Some random person could join and be able to destroy anything, then have it saved. Trust me I wish the same but there needs to be a safer way for this to work out. Maybe codes to get in like the PC version?

The best you could do at the moment is leave your Xbox on and the world running. If you set it to only allow your friends to join there's a smaller chance of people you don't trust joining the game and griefing up your world. It all depends on how much you trust your friends in your world.

but cant friends of friends join when their friends that your frienjds with joins? im pretty sure thats happened tyo me a few times.

Friends of friend can join and that's where the problem may arise.

There should be a way to let other players stay in the world after the host goes offline. A way to do this would be when a player who isn't the host saves, a message pops ups saying "Save Pending Approval". The game does save, but when the host comes back and sees the "Save Pending by <gamertag>", he can go into his world and look around before he approves or denies the save. If he approves, the world hard saves. If he denies, the world goes back to the last save before the pending save.

this is something i hope they are looking into for a future update.