changes to classes I would like to see

I love this game but some classes need a tweak medics should get more points for heal and revivals also 4 shells as standard and be able to hold 6

Engineers gashner amm8 should be reduced f rom 16 to 12 also I think the turret needs longer cool down time

Also ammo class with nade launcher worse combo ever  sommat needs to be done about this combo to 

But stil lov, loving the game


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Excuse the dodgy spelling im posting from my tablet

I just think the medic is severly underpowered so no one likes to play as one

Im always a medic   but only 2 shotgun shells   gimme a break but I do love playing as a medic

It's easier Ito be the medic if you have a good Cole. Starting with 2 shots in the SO is not nearly enough.

I would swap the grenade launcher thing with the Torque Bow.  At least for Overrun.  Meeting people spamming the Boomska gets old.  There mush have been about 4 of them in a game I played earlier.

I love playing as the medic, but I do agree with you that 2 shots is kinda bad. I think at least 4 starting shots would be good and with a resupply 6? Just don't wanna have to rely on Cole everytime after I fire 2 or 4 shots.

@pre thats exactly why cole must be changed as a class that constant spamming *** is all ready old andyeah 4 shellz to start and 6 to carry wouldbe ideal even more so ifthere isnt anybody playin as cole

the booshka spam is annoying...but tickers can eat them.