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Hey, I was Looking around and noticed a few things , mainly just additions to MP Maps and such. Does anyone know what all may have been changed?  One thing as an example i'd be referring to is in "Thrashball" they have taken the areas blocked off with Barricades in the Beta are now a new area to battle it out, Could anyone help with any other potential changes that i may not be aware?


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I know that the SO no longer downs it's hit or miss, the HB's active reload damage is reduced, the retro's hip fires accuracy has been decreased and, lancer head-shots damage is increased.

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I was at a gears 3 launch event in toronto earlier today and got to  play quitea bit but only noticed changed that have already been talked about here.

the gae was really fun and i got to play the gae in 3D which looked absolutely mazing.

Nice, I like that