Changes since 2011 trailers.

Spoilers in black.

So after completing the game I went back and watched the trailers from back in 2011.  While the story appears to have been locked in back then, the final game is different in many ways.  I've concluded that the world we saw in those early trailers is one of the alternate worlds Elizabeth talks about during the game's final scenes.


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i was wondering bout that cuz i havent had that bar fight or seen that crazy guy call in the blimp or hop on his turret

Saltonstall is mentioned very early in the game, right after you get out of the Welcome Center near the Comstock statue, but his character was completely cut, as was Charles, the character with the Murder of Crows he summons to attack Booker. In the 2011 footage, Booker also had telekinesis, and not Undertow, to pull the Vigor bottle to him. If you watch more of the footage from the game prior to release, you'll actually see a lot of the dialogue used in the official release show up in different scenes.

In some footage, Booker and Elizabeth had to combine abilities to chain effects, such as Elizabeth calling in a rainstorm and then Booker electrifying it. The entire zeppelin fight in the Factory took place against the Vox Populi in one video of footage instead of with them, and in an entirely different location.

I wouldn't look at it as an alternate Columbia, although I suppose there isn't any reason you couldn't. Game content get altered prior to release all the time. Certain levels, characters, or abilities are dropped entirely. It's just content that was cut for one reason or another.