Change your Settings to allow purchases error

Had an Xbox one since it came out and mines been absolutely fine, the only problem is this error i have been having with purchasing ANY paid content, i cant do it at all. whenever i try, it just comes up with "change your settings to allow purchases" even though when i go into my settings, it says i can purchases whatever i want, free or paid.

apparently there's a fix where you can log onto the parent account, mess with the setting by blocking paid content and then freeing it up again, but i cant do that, because the parental email i have hasn't been used in 4 years and the email provider deleted the account without telling us. so now here i am, with £15 prepaid points and things i actually want to buy like battlefield premium, and i cant because xbox doesn't understand that i have permission to buy what i like

even when i tried to recover the parent email or get it changed, i was on the phone twice for a total of about 4 hours, and when they said they were going to send it to tech support and have somebody swap my parental account email for one that's actually valid, 4days later, tech support say i cant and that id have to use the old one, one which i had clearly stated, 4 DAYS prior to receiving the email, HAD BEEN DELETED, so support says i can, but then tech says i cant, thanks for 4 days of my time wasted xbox. that took 4 days by the way, for them to tell me i cant do what i had hoped would be the end of this problem.

so what am i supposed to do now? i spent £430 on a new xbox and now xbox wont let me buy anything else because it thinks im a stupid child and im not allowed? whereas my settings say that i can? surely this should be a pretty simple fix for xbox to look at my settings properly and say "OH he can buy what he wants" so that i can spend my money, xbox support was no help at all, just sent me round in circles. seriously Microsoft, when are you going to update your console? its ridiculously glitchy


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