Chances for Hardcore in public MP?

I'd personally like to see some kind of Hardcore mode in the public matches upon full release.  Trying to play as a Scout who doesn't simply snipe, I find the current game set up makes it difficult to be sneaky and do Scout-like things.   For example, it's always a bit of a surprise when I go to zap someone for a data hack and his buddy spawns at the same time and takes off my head.

Bullet damage is already pretty high.  So what you like to see in a hardcore mode?  Here's my potential list:

  • no squad spawns or tweak the current "detected" parameters ?
  • tweak sensor/UAV radius?
  • longer delay for medkit ?
  • no kill cam?
  • grenade/explosion stuns have longer effect?

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there will be a mode were you have one life only so all the running and gunning will stop in that mode very stealth like and tension filled cant remember what the game mode will be called but looking forward to getting our team working together to eliminate the other team.

do you guys know if the game has a lobby system or is it matchmaking?


amyways, i want to be able to toggle things on/off, i would turn off all that stuff, no sensor grenades, no UAV, no nothing...just a weapon and skill...old school mano a mano

old school...those were the days

One life to live, I despise the infinite live silliness.

the old school days of games were so good cause they didn't cater to the noobs that need UAV's and red outlines that show where you are.

I understand the importance of Intel, which is why I shoot down UAVs as soon as I see one.  But in hardcore mode, Intel should be a  very special or limited reward.

I would like it to where there is no UAV red outline and no sensor grenade that would be a start for me..