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horse racing is for horse lovers Go Baby Go!!!!!! 


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where can I buy???????????????????????

I'll take your "I'm the biggest horse racing fan you will bump into on console" as a challenge.  I'm actually pretty upset they haven't released Champion Jockey on xbox kinect in the states.  I have all of the gallop racer games, and G1J3.  I'm pretty hard core horse racing (pedigrees, etc).  I did order Wii CJ for Christmas, and I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully Koei & Tecmo will pull their act together, fix the bugs, and release in the states.

cant belive its august allready and stillnothing here in the us...    its out for wii.. and ps3.. and  xbox 360 over sea's  but nothing here.. i cant afford to buy a  ps3 or wii to play this  so i guess im stuck with gallop racer 2005 intill thjey get there act together

If you loved teh PS2 games you will love this. Its just a lot more broken and buggy than the PS2 games were, but then again having a net connection has made it so every dev pushes out broken games to be fixed later. But I doubt you will see this getting fixed.

But here's a positive for the game. If your not bothered about a completion achievement list, the career mode is just as good as it ever was, if not better due to the amazing tracks from Gallop Racer being in there. Not much in the way of American tracks, but you have tracks from England, Japan and Dubai. There is the odd American track in there, but sadly American racing is not a big feature in career mode, just Europe and Japan (and Japan jump courses suck!).

Damn, I was hoping it would be good. I LOVED the horse racing games on the PS2.

I'm the biggest horse racing fan you will bump into on console, and this game was a let down.

For a start its badly bugged and prevents you from unlocking all achievements or accessing all the challenges. Not to mention is only a minor graphical improvement over the PS2 G1 games...the gameplay is still the same.

Please don't waste your money on this. As usual Tecmo & KOEI release a broken game and throw out over priced DLC without even planning on fixing the game. We get 1 chance to have a proper horse racing sim on 360 and the devs/publishers *** it up by being lazy.