Challenges reset!

When the game first came out, I completed it all except 1 achievement for doing all challenges, now I got the season pass and when I re-launched the game at the latest save (definately) alot of the challenges have gone back to 0... I know this for a fact because even vehicle jackings was on 0.

Anyone have any insight as to what happened here. :-(


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Sounds like the Season Pass is the culprit here. Why did you purchase a Season Pass anyway?

I do it with alot of games, buy them on release, at first sign of season pass I play the game until I am finished, sell it on ebay, then wait for the season pass to go on offer and rent the game off of lovefilm. It was hard waiting so long for this game though as I knew they'd be hilarious, also waiting for the last Borderlands 2 DLC xD

Weird co-incidence, someone just helped me on another forum, when I went to their profile to 5 star them, you're one of their friends xD

Really? A friend of mine? Small world man...Who may I ask helped you?

Jokul81, and might I say, in the words of Tim Nice But Dim... What a thoroughly bloody nice chap

Also mate, looking at your last played games, could you tell me which you prefer out of Forza Horizon and Need For Speed Most Wanted?

I actually wrote quite a lengthy review for NFSMW, but it really all comes down to preference.


If you were a fan of Burnout Paradise, like doing Co-Op missions, completing goals online, and having traffic in multiplayer, then NFSMW will be for you.


Forza Horizon is a really good game but is more of a simulation racer than an arcade game. It is way more customizable than NFSMW, which only gives you "pay n' spray" paint jobs when you drive through a paint shop. Upgrades are similar to Forza Horizon but EXTREMELY "dumbed-down" and depends on a currency known as Speed Points. You also have to complete certain races to unlock new parts. Forza Horizon kicks NFSMW's @@@ in both customization and performance tuning. The downside to Forza Horizon though is a lack of "total free roam" as you are locked into the map by several fences and scenery. Unlike TDU2 which would allow you to go ANYWHERE, you are limited to where exactly you can travel or how far you can go without hitting a barrier. With NFSMW, you can go anywhere on the map (except areas considered OOBs). Also, one other thing that NFSMW has against Forza Horizon is there is AI traffic in MP, which there is NONE in FH. The only thing in FH is you and other players in MP; no traffic to weave in and out of.

Thanks dude, I played a fair bit of forza horizon but the online was a bit of a letdown for me, I was hoping more Test Drive Unlimited 2 style freeroam... Definately will have to try NFSMW now I have something to compare it to. I did love Forza but Coop interaction is fairly important IMO so can't wait to give NFSMW a blast.

Much appreciated :)

If you are looking for a TDU2-like experience, NFSMW might suit you better as the MP freeroam feels more like TDU2 than FH. It's a good game, but I juts think the lack of AI traffic in MP makes the game feel less belivable and lifeless.