Challenges and rage!

Okay for Sandbox most of the Gold Challenges are fairly simple. Races, easy take a Skateboard and some Quick Step (and/ or Wheelchairs/ Cars if available). The Kill "X" Number of Zombies, again fairly easy with the right Weapons (BFG for general Kill "types" and Weapon specific for Lighting/ Fire).

So it gets to the point, I only have 4 Challenges left;

  • Stiff Back (Collect X Number Massager's)
  • No thanks, I'll stand (break X Number of Chairs)
  • Tunnels of Blood (Kill X Number in the Tunnels)
  • Chop Suey (Kill X Number by Chopping/ Blades)

This is where the rage comes in. I've done Stiff Back over 10 times now and the most I ever collected was 36 (40 needed for Gold). Tunnels of Blood doesn't give you enough Zombies (at best after trying many times I got 475 with 500 needed for Gold). And "No thanks, I'll stand" is also incredibly way too high (75 Charis needed). Chop Suey, I'm only a little shy of the 150 Required Kills but again, not enough Zombies (almost).

Any ideas on those 3 Challenges? I almost want to throw my Controller.


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Never mind, I finished them. They're just a lot more difficult (way more) then any of the others Challenges.

I settled for Bronze on most. Didn't see the point in going Gold.

i found stiff back and party time to be the most difficult for me, the rest was kinda easy actually. Challenges just need to be thought about before hand and prepared for. Anyways glad to hear that you finnished them :) nice healthy gamerscore you have there. cool

Yeah, Stiff Back was definitely the worst challenge. Everything else wasn't bad at all.