Challenge Tower Broken after DLC (?)

At around 3:30 pst I downloaded the DLC pack for MK3 Cyrax and Sektor - after testing them out and playing with Skarlet in training mode I went back to Challenge mode and the game locks up when I try to progress past Test Your Strike (Challenge #138).


Even when I pass that or try to buy my way past that and a couple other stages after it the game (and my system) locks me out.


Is this happening to anyone else?


I have the game installed to my hard drive so it boots from the retail disc - I don't know if this matters but I figured I could at least mention it.


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hi. i have problem. every time i'm playing Raiden chater, game is crushing..... it just hang.

I download new patch, but it doesn't change any thing. Of course i have orginal game.

I'm still having issue with the game locking and freezing up on me after the update(s).

I uninstalled the game from my hard drive and played it from the disk - still crashed.

I reinstalled the game to my HDD and the DLC in the order it was received - still locks up.

Now with the MKII Noob Saibot and Smoke skins the game locks up in the middle of the fight while training or locks after the first round win.

This is getting pretty worrisome.

I dont have any problems with the game freezing in Tower Challenge Mode, every once in awhile I will have the random freeze at the title menu but it was that way even before the first DLC character. You sure you have an actual retail version of the game? DLC and patches tends to freeze up a game that is pirated because the DLC and patches is not compatible with a pirated version.

I have a legit retail version of Mortal Kombat 9 and an older Xbox 360 ( XENON - 203W - MFR-09/2006 [No HDMi] ).

Do you have a solution or are you just going to tell me how everything is working for you?

I don't see how dropping in to tell us your copy works and that somehow my copy that was purchased from a reputable retail chain store is somehow pirated and that's a legit answer?

Hm, have you tried clearing your cache and possibly re-downloading your DLC? Not sure, but that might work. Also, do you have it installed to your HDD? If not, maybe try that too.

When I get a chance I will try clearing the cache - I've installed a re-installed the game to my HDD and re-downloaded the DLC but I didn't think to clear the cache before hand.

I'll post a follow-up update to see if this resolves my issue.

Alright. I hope something is found to resolve your problem. I know it can be annoying not figuring out what is truly wrong.

Okay, for the most part clearing the cache, uninstalling the game from the HDD and uninstalling all the DLC and  reinstalling (Extras>Download Menu) seemed to help ALOT.

I can actually continue the Challenge tower up to 149 (Kano Money fight) and then the game crashed - I was able to start the game up and continue onto 150 and onward no problem. Before I couldn't even get into any of those matches without buying my way past them up into the two-hundreds.

Only the DLC in the Extras>Download Menu is what I'm using now. Cyrax/Sektor, Noob/Smoke must "automagically" install when you add the character DLC for Skarlet and Kenshi (I didn't see it as a download option).

So in conclusion Clear the Cache and tighten up your DLC to include only what is on the Extras Download Menu if you're experiencing frequent crashes in MK9 for the Xbox.


For testing I held off on installing the game to the HDD - After a couple minutes tooling around with the game I installed the game to the HDD and was able to continue my play sessions uninterrupted.

Thanks for the heads up Tenjin!

Glad to hear it! Sometimes clearing the memory cache is always a good idea once in a while. There are times it can get caught up and ask you for continual updates on the game every time you start it up, too. Happy to hear you finally got the problem sorted.

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