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anyone have any tips on how they beat this. it's driving me insane!


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This challenge can be a pain, but its doable. The easiest way to complete this challenge if you aren't too familiar with Shang Tsung's combos, is to back up to a corner, and spam his projectile attack (Back, Back, X). This will get Baraka and Sindel out of the way pretty quickly. The only issue is that sometimes Baraka will shoot a projectile, and it may hit you. If this happens, move in quick and do the Soul Steal move (Forward, Down, Forward, A.) doing that will restore a portion of your health, which is important for fighting Shao Khan.


Once you make it to Shao Khan, you can do the same thing as above, spamming Shang Tsung's projectile attack. When Shao Kahn throws his hammer, jump over it, and when he throws his spears block them. If you spam him quick enough, he will not have a chance to charge you. If he does, jump kick over him, and make your way to the next corner and begin spamming him again.


That's the way a lot of people have been doing it, it would be better to learn Shang Tsung's combos, and pick which combos suit you best, but, using the projectile method, you should come out on top.

Check out some youtube videos on it. It helps you learn what combos you should be using. I used Jump+Y then Y, X, Y combo.

I went at this challenge for a long time. honestly +- 8 Hours of FAIL in total,  and only realized I could skip levels when a got to level 300 :|
so if you're not great at combos and have the worst luck too, maybe this can help:


don't jump towards him, he'll just do his spin blade thing.
stay close, block and throw if possible. (throwing opponent heals you by like 7%, not much but helps :P)
then fire balls when hes at a distance. he usually fires as you do, so this does'nt really help, better to get close and trow constantly.


When I played, she was always cornering me with combos, sweep attacks usualy help when you can get them in.
I can never land a throw on her not sure why.
jump attacks to combos like Back +X,Y,X,B - Back ,Back X (fire ball) have helped a lot.


As he appears after dodging the first attack, try successfully X-ray him. he almost always bocks it.
Don't let him corner you... spam fire balls from a distance.
When he does get close, make sure to jump over him and try the combo mentioned above.
blocking his attacks help, for that split second you need to attack while he recovers...

Level 251 was the hardest one for me, second hardest was fighting the Goro army - level 275... all levels after are lame in comparison. GL

challenge 300 is pissin me off can't get past kintaro who is after that anyway shao khan??

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anyone have any tips on how they beat this. it's driving me insane!


In my opinion, this was the hardest Challenge in the Tower.  Took me well over 50 tries and really helped me learn some elegant ways to swear rather loudly.

Follow the tips above and keep trying.  Mainly spamming Skulls and Enhanced Skulls whenever you can will eventually get you through.

You're choice if you want to save Metre for an X-Ray against Shao Khan.


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challenge 300 is pissin me off can't get past kintaro who is after that anyway shao khan??


I actually found Challenge 300 to be rather simple, surprisingly.  I used Scorpion and you fight Goro, Kintaro, Mileena, and Shao Khan.  You can watch videos for tips, but mostly it's learning the AI's patterns.

You should be able to jump over Goro and to a three hit combo.  Wash, rinse, repeat with some Spears for fun, and you'll likely be able to top him with at least one Flawless Victory.

Kintaro was even easier.  You can try the same patter or keep your distance trying to bait him into doing his Teleport Stomp.  As soon as he jumps for the stomp, count to 1 and then jump backwards and kick.  If you time it right, you'll knock him right out of the air.

Many people have said that Mileena is the hardest of the four opponents; I never lost to hear once.  Turtle down and counter what she does; Spears and combos with creative use of Teleports will wreck her.

Shao Khan was the hardest for me.  Keep your distance using Hell Fire and Teleports to get close when he's vulnerable.  Spear him and combo or Spear him and press Front Punch, Front Punch, and then another Spear followed by another combo or Uppercut.  Save an X-Ray for him too.

Keep trying, and if you have to restart the match about 5 times or so, you'll start getting health back before a new opponent or so.

Good luck!


God I hated this one. Pretty sure this one took me longer to beat than it did for 300. You can try using a quick basic combo but I found it was best to just spam fireballs. I know it is cheap and unsophisticated but it is the way to go. With Shao Kahn just make sure to avoid his hammer throw as that move will mess you up. If you can land the soul steal because it boosts your damage and replenishes a small amount of health which can mean the world in  the fight with Shao Kahn.

man im going really slow through challenges. Im not even at 100. Cant imagine how long it will take to go to 300.

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man im going really slow through challenges. Im not even at 100. Cant imagine how long it will take to go to 300.


Depends how much time you devote to it.  Generally speaking, it was like playing through an standard 8-ish hour Single Player experience.