Challenge is unsolvable?

Ok I forget the name of the challenge, but it's located on basic campaign, in the middle top right after you beat jace.    I know you have a lord of the pit  and some other black vampires.    I spent 40 minutes on this last night and could not solve it.     frustrated I joined up with some friends in party chat and they have not been able to solve it either, so we worked together and have concluded that the puzzle is unsolvable with the cards on the board.    Perhaps with old rules where you could sack after blocking it could be solved but not in its current form.

you have 1 life, no matter how you block you are going to take at least 1 damage from the goblin if  you sac your cultist to gain life and 2 from the collosus that is 9/9 trample.


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either that or we are all missing something very obvious.   but with 4 people who have been playing magic over the years   we can't figure it out.  if it's not glitched I have a feeling were going feel retarded once we realize a solution.

It is solvable.  Not sure how you are blocking.  4 attackers 4 blockers .  You have 5 creatures.  Look at the ability on the vampire and don't forget the enchantment that is sitting on the board.  They key to remember is once a creature is declared as blocked it stays blocked no matter what happens to the blocker.

No they do not stay blocked,  after assigning blockers and pressing y to continue, then pressing X to stop timer and activate creature abilities sacrificing.    the creatures that were supposed to be blocked do not stay blocked.

has helped me :-)


my answer to that :-)

So your assumption is I just jumped on here and made up a solution?  I along with others have solved it.  I practically told you how to win it. If you are assuming it does not work because the arrows show the creature targetting you after you sac your blockers I encourage you to actually finish the solution.  The solution does not involve you sacing the creature to gain life.  


However per the existing rule set once a blocker is declared the attacking creature is blocked even if the blocker is removed.  The sac effect works the same way it would if your opponent after you declared blockers used a removal spell on your blocker.  Their attacking creature remains blocked, it will not do damage to you.


Your assumptions of how blocking works is preventing you from completing the challenge. 

Yeah, it works.  Everything the above poster said is true.

declare blockers step then damage resolution...that hasn't changed in the 17 years i've been playing :D

I am thinking he didn't notice the trample.

I am new to Magic entirely and was really stuck on this too, until i researched and found that blockers still block even after sacrificing them (the animations may suggest otherwise).

Once i found that out, the solution is pretty standard, even for a complete newbie like me :)

In summary, Vkandis is spot on!