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Hello there. I'm looking to get the collect seraph crystals and buy one item with crystals challenges done. They're 2 of the 3 I need to complete "Challenge Accepted".  The other I need is shotgun sniper.  Any help would be appreciated.  I'm on weekends mostly.  Thanks.


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The DLC challenges don't count for the achievement.

^^  What he said.  If all you need is the Shotgun Sniper challenge, it sounds like you should have the achievement in probably 10 minutes of play-time.

Do I have to get the 2000 kills before I can get it?  How does that work?

to unlock the sniper shotgun challenge you first need to get the shotgun openwide challenge to lvl 5 which is 750 close up kills tundra express on the bug creatures is a good place to do this then you only need 10 sniper shotgun kills which you prob already have but wont count til you unlock challenge

The last patch included an update to show if you had any hidden challenges not yet revealed.

The only one I have left is that Open Wide challenge, as I'm sure I've killed the necessary amount for Shotgun Sniper, but obviously can't see the progress bar on that one.  750 kills is a helluva lot.  =/   I'm only at 170 currently, which is gonna lead to one VERY long grind-fest.

Eggnogga try trundras express you can get easily 50+ kills in minutes, just run throu killing the bugs and bandits if you wish then save and quit- repeat til done will take you less than an hour

Yeah, shotgunning little varkids is probably the quickest way to get the kills up.