I challenge everybody to use one of the classes below and post their best score can use any perks you like

spas-12 with suppressor  ballistic knife

l96 with acog and dual wield m1911's

dual wield skorpions(class is beast if you know how to use it) and cz75 auto

Finally ak-47(dont see enough people using this gun is great and needs apreciation) dual mags and dual wield asp's

If I got any spelling wrong please dont flame and just tell me that i spelled it wrong. I cant wait to see your scores


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I already use the AK-47, but no thanks.

if i feel like it sometime

Spas/Ballistic knife? Have a class with that. Went 30-3 with it.

Errr... aside from the Skorpians, the other classes are used frequently.

The Skorpian is an awesome gun though.