Challenge bug

On one of the last challenges (the one where you start with Index) there's a bug.  Any of the spells that allow you to target players or creatures, it'll ask you which you want to target (creatures or players) but then if you choose Players it deals the damage to you directly instead of letting you choose yourself or the enemy.  

I'm thinking they want you to solve the challenge without using the direct-damage spells on the opponent but they never explain this and it seems like a pretty sloppy way of going about it.  


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Not a bug...your enemy has a white enchantment on the board that makes him "hexproof."

They're supposed to be confusing, and AtlasShrugged80 is right. I beat all of the challenges (with some help from Google), so they're not impossible or glitched... just difficult.

As someone who hasn't played magic in a while, the "hexproof" thing got me too.  I couldn't figure out why I couldn't target the enemy for several minutes.