cex online service should be avoided!

two week ago i ordered two games from the CEX website.a week later still no sight of the items and the websites tracking service still said order picked.so i sent an e-mail to customer services asking what was going on and my order was cancelled the next day!nearly three weeks have gone by and i havent been refunded either.i have never had trouble ordering from them before but this is unacceptable to say the least.i only paid £25 for the two games but its still my money that is owed to me.so to anyone who is thinking of getting anything from the website my advice is either go to the store or order from another site.


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that kind of sucks but when you are gonna buy online always check reviews etc etc to see if a site actually works like it should (unless its gamestop or the big ones ofc no real need) im really paranoid about buying online since my bad luck usually leads to me waiting like 2+ weeks always lol however i did find a nice price for DJ hero 2 + controller.. like 25 euro! then again IT IS online xD

cex have always been okay for me, but i dont buy off the site i only seel to the site, the cheque gets here pretty quickly

If you ask a member of CEX (store) staff OP, they will tell you to avoid the online service too.  When the staff tell you that, it is best to stay clear.  No problems in store for me though.

the store has never given me problems either.its a great shop with superb prices.its taught me not to be so lazy next time as the shop is only 20 mins walk away.

I used the online services not so long ago with no problems, think the games came within a week, maybe week and a day or two- but then i'd only paid about £12 for 4 games so I wasn't that bothered about how long it took

I used CeX once last year and never used it again, i ordered band hero with the full band set and dj hero renegade edition, and the delivery was normal 2nd class post so about 2-5 days so i waited for the post all week and nothing turned up so i sent an email to them and they replied back saying "please allow 28 working days for lsot post" so i waited a few more days and sent another mail asking for my tracking number so i could track my package, they sent me the number so i went to the website put my number in and according to the delivery company they had not even recieved it yet.

so i sent another email saying according to the tracking my order has not even been sent out yet, and they ignored that email for about 4 days. now the funny thing is they kept going on about royal mail and telling me to wait 28 days, but my order was not even been delivered by royal mail, it was coming by UPS so i told them that, and they replied "we apologise for any confusion and we do ask you to allow 3-5 working days for your order to arrive" thats funny its been nearly 3 weeks at this point.

eventually my order came but the band hero bundle had the drums and so on but the game itself was missing, so i had to go through email trouble again and the cheek they actually said, we apologise for this please send your order back and we will replace?? WTF i waited over 3 weeks and they want me to send it back, i just want the game sent out!

i never used them again