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Ok I bought this game on Launch a LE and it came with the Cerberus network key, since then I have purchased a new slim console w/250 gig HD, I transferred all of my save files to the new 360 an I recovered my GT an I even transferred my Market Licence, BUT its still asking me to re-purchase the Cerberus key along with all of the items that came with it, the only thing it is allowing me to re- download is the add- on(s) I purchased.


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Genesis doesn't come with any edition of Mass Effect 2 other than the Playstation 3 version.  It's basically an interactive comic/import utility to make 5 major choices from Mass Effect 1 to import into Mass Effect 2 because PS3 players do not/will not have Mass Effect 1 to actually play through on the PS3.

It was always supposed to be released onto Xbox according to BioWare, it just took longer for whatever reason to come out after it came out with the PS3 version of ME 2.  Why it was priced at 480 microsoft points, I really don't know.  It basically should be free as it's a bit of a waste of money and points if you ask me considering Xbox players have had access to ME 1 since launch and actually playing through ME 1 is much better anyhow.

call xbox support?

Not exactly. Genesis is what the PS3 Mass Effect 2 game came with to compensate the fact that PS3 players could not play ME1, thus could not import some of the story arcs from ME1 into their ME2 game. Genesis doesn't come with ME2. If you've downloaded Genesis, what it will allow you to do is start a fresh ME2 character with some of the choices from ME1 without having to play ME1 and import them. Ordinarily, if you start a fresh ME2 character, it assumes that you made mostly renegade decisions and your ME2 playthrough is based on that: you let the Destiny Ascension be destroyed, you killed the Rachni Queen, you killed Wrex on Virmire, etc. Genesis allows a fresh ME2 character to have taken a different path.  

I transferred my files etc over to my slim console when I bought mine and I had no problem getting the DLC and Cerberus Network to work (even when I had to recently format my HDD and then reinstall everyting, worked fine). like xS1LENTSCOPEx suggested, I'd call xbox support (either on the phone or twitter) and I'd suggest putting a post on the BioWare forums asking for advice as well.

yeah I have mass effect 1 so I dont know why I even clicked it it all happened so fast I thought it was part of cerberus network NOW Iam really poed that its even in our market place this Isnt PS3, and I have already imported several characters from mass effect 1. omg what have I DONE!

Well everything figured out or SO I thought, I was re- downloading through the mass effect 2 lobby the one at te very begining of the game the cerberus network? anyway it charged me 480 ms for genisis what ever that is Didnt that come with the V.I.P ??

@Kiimieva thanks for staighting that out for me, now I can put the cork back in the bottle, still its a bit steep,the price that is..

So let me get this right "Genesis" is just a Importer for any character I made in mass effect 1?? its not a Game add-on? its just a up-date for something that is already offered in any mass effect 2 game disk? lm_ao  I spent 480 ms points on something that is already available to any used, new, old, borrowed mass effect 2 game disk....Unbelievable!

When I downloaded DLC, I always did so via Xbox Live and not the Mass Effect 2 lobby as to do so that way, you won't actually download the content until you're not playing (but still connected to Xbox Live). Anyway... as CrypticZer0 said regarding Genesis... for 320 Microsoft Points (or BioWare points if you're on PC), it's not worth getting. You have only 6 'critical choice' options to creating a new Shepard without importing one from the first game, and you miss out on a LOT with it.