Cerberus Network Code

Pretty sure most everyone has this but if you don't here's an unused one.

HFT2 - 4W6Q - Y7HX - SZZH


If it has been used by the time you are reading this please leave a post to let me know and I'll ask a mod to delete or lock this thread.


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Very generous of you. You should know though that it is technically against the rules to give away codes on the forum.


However since the mods are rarely active I suspect it will be gone before they do anything.

someone must have used it cause it says not valid. Thanks anyways!

It would have been nice if the person who took it said thanks to The Beer Tank. Then again perhaps they said thanks by PM or Live message.

No, no thank you message or post in the thread... Well who ever got it you're welcome.


PS. @voteDC Didn't realize that was against ToS or CoC with all the stickies absent since the forums migration.

They really should have thanked you Tank.


I've never grasped why you aren't allowed to give codes away but for some reason you can't, I can understand the reason behind code trading but waning nothing in return?

Wow, to not even PM a thank you. Classy