Centipede Demon tips and help

I'm a lvl83 warrior of sunlight and I need some help with the Centipede Demon. He hasn't killed me or anything, it's just I have no idea what I'm getting into. Usually I put down my summon sign infront of a boss door and help 2 - 3 people out so I know what to do when I fight the boss. But it seems all the servers are vacant.

Anyone up for some jolly co-op or atleast some tips for the boss? 


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he likes to sit out in the middle of the lava and hit you his claw but if you are a warrior of sunlight than you have the lighiting spear so bait the claw dodge to the left or the right and throw a spear at him, when he gets close it gets a little tricker due to the camera not wanting to cooperate, what i do is i don't lock on and i two hand whatever weapon i am using and smash away at his legs, he can do a grab attach and that hits hard but if your health is high enough you will survive and be able to heal. and you can cut off its tail this makes the fight a little easier. I hope this helps

at the start, make a mad dash for the right area, requiring you to jump over two lava pits, you might get hit by the lava, make sure to heal, youll find a large area to fight him in, he will attack you a few times, dodge, then he will jump to where you are.

good luck!

Bro man, forget all that stuff they just said, and go to that door in human form and summon solitaire. I saw his summong sing on the ground, summoned him, he took all the aggro while I spammed the boss with spells. He didn't even bother looking myway(the boss that is)

Agreed with Dre G Writer there I did the same and took out the boss in my first attempt and solaire still had over half his life left.