Center Speaker (No Audio)

Just got my Xbox One hooked up and starting playing some Ghosts, I noticed that with my 5.1 surround sound system there is no audio coming through the center speaker.  Just faint in game voices like when a character gives a command.  Anybody else who games on a home theater notice this?  Thanks.


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No, mine works fine but I also play the audio from my tv pass through to my reciever so it's automatically decoded for me in true DTS.  Maybe check your audio settings or do you have it in AUX or CD/DVD input, that could make it default to only playing in the main speakers as well.

Also check the Xbox One settings because there are sound settings in there to make it 5.1 surround sound.

Still no sound out of the center speaker except for faint in game audio like characters voice commands in the distance.  Movies play fine.  Seems like others in other threads are mentioning the same or similar issue and it being possibly related to no Dolby Digital support at launch.