Center Force - Asolute Warfare Console Division Starting up

Clan Center-Force

Console Branch of Absolute Warfare


Absolute Warfare Was formed February of 2011 By Members of Several recently Disbanded PC Clans, Mostly =NTA= A once Big-Time ArmA 2 clan that fell apart Amid Leadership drama. Most of the Players in =AW= Have known each other For many years and have Battled Along side and Against each other as far back as Battlefield 1942. Our PC teams Have been very quiet and extremely selective, However with the impending Release of Battlefield 3, We are Gearing Up for Competitive Play once more. We have Ultimately Decided to Branch-Out into consoles as well.

What we're Looking for In Center-Force
Like =AW=, We want Center Force to Build a reputation of Tactical excellence and Skill, Not a reputation for forum Drama. We not only expect, But require that our members be Highly Active And cooperative players. Skills can be taught, but you can't do nothing with "lousy people". We're Not interested in your Stats or Leader board Rankings; We want people who will work together, and actually be around when a challenge arises, Be it through a ladder like GB or a loud mouth clan met In-Game.

Center-Force Is currently Still under construction But those Who are interested and dedicated enough to see a new team grow and climb to the top, feel free to Join up now in BC2.

Center-Force Will have it's Own Dedicated forums and leaders Separate from our PC crew.


We Plan to support the following games on both 360 and PS3:

  1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  2. Battlefield 3
  3. Call of Duty

Forums: Center-Force Clan Forums


**Those who are willing to put in the work to start up the CoD team please contact [CF]Gen.Daryll on our forums


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