CE digital camo resting?

Last night I have been noticing something odd with the CE digital camo after the new map pack came out. Everytime I put it on a gun for example my LSAT when I go play zombies or campaign and then come back to mutiplayer the skin resets its self to no camo. I have tried this with the elite camo because its in the same category of the CE digital camo and it stays on like the rest of the camos. I haven't tried redownloading the CE DLC but did anyone notice this as well or no?


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I haven't noticed it, but I believe it since there is the same problem if you make a peacekeeper class. It completely resets it.

This has been an issue since release day.  Activision is aware of it and they said it'd be fixed in a future update but as of now, it is STILL not fixed.  I only run (ran) digital camo so I notice it every time I power off and back on.  

I've seen it on the classes part of ELITE but couldn't find it in game.

^ Are you talking about the CE Digital Camo? Because that's only for people who bought the Hardened Edition or Care Package Edition. You had to redeem the code on one of your challenge coins on a website that was included in an insert and then it would be enabled for your account.

Ahh. That would explain it. Oh well no biggie then.