Catwoman trophies

When can you collect catwoman trophies? I went to the catwoman missions, but when they loaded all the riddler trophies I had marked on the map were gone.


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Whenever u play as Catwoman u can grab the trophies... When u beat the Game with Batman u will play again as Catwoman and u can grab the trophies... When u finish that mission after the game with Catwoman, u will be ablt to switch back & forth between Catwoman & Batman at different places on the map so u can grab trophies....


It's very odd that ure marked trophies dissappeared though... when u interogate the Riddler's men (green guys) all trophies will be marked on the map for that area.

i think he means when replaying the catwoman missions from the menu.

you need to collect them in the main campaign.

Yea, they all disappeared in the catwoman missions from the menu. I assumed you could just play those and collect the trophies. I'll get them in the actual game. thanks guys.

Yeah. Don't even worry about catwomans until the whole game is complete. In fact I'd say to wait until the game is complete on a lot of batmans too.