catwoman dlc

i down loaded the cat woman dlc and i can see it on my hd but when i go to play a.c. it doesn't recognize it as being on my hd and tells me to redeem a code for it. i already did that because it's on my hd. am i missing something?


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Are you on the GamerTag that purchased the content?

yes. i see it on my hard drive but i cant access it.

Have you tried deleting it, then redownloading it? I started up the game once and it prompted me that my data was inaccessible.

that sucks,try, try again...

I just bought Batman Arkham city which included the Catwoman dlc inside. I enter the code and it says it has already been used when it really hasn't.  Due to that I can't play the dlc unless I purchase it from the Marketplace. Anyone having similar problems ????

Same here, I downloaded the Catwoman DLC last night, and when I go play the game, it'll ask if I want to download the DLC content. I tried to enter it again, but it says code has been used. Same thing for the Batsuits.

I bought a brand new copy of Batman Arkham City, despite being an awesome game, which i enjoy playing . . i think many gamers including myself felt let down as they opened their copy, only to find no Catwoman code . . and also in my case at least, not even an instruction booklet! Now i don’t know about anyone else but when i pay full price for something brand new, i expect everything to come with it. I understand that game companies are putting these codes in to prevent 2nd hand sales by locking game content with codes . . forcing you to buy the “extras” like catwoman via Live if you haven’t bought the game from new.

But when greed and money grabbing comes into things, mistakes seem to follow, like missing out the code cards altogether . . when you look online . . Warner Bros and Rocksteady state that “They are looking into it”, where in my opinion there is nothing to “Look into” . . just stop being so damn greedy and release the Catwoman DLC for free to make amends, and show good will after this gargantuan f*ck up . . it’s not our fault as the consumers of the product there was no codes included in some copies of Batman AC, so i can’t see why we still have to pay for it . . . . . if any rocksteady employees buy a car from me in the future, i’ll only sell it to them with 2 wheels . . they’ll have to buy the other 2 wheels off my friend down the road to drive the damn thing !

I for one won’t be buying any DLC for this game as a matter of principle. Bring back the good old days where you unlocked special content for completing a game as your reward for playing . . rather than this new trend of releasing 3/4 of a game and then selling the rest on live !  

Sorry guys . . rant over . . . lol, i just had to get that off my chest.

P.S . . Less than 50 riddler trophies left to go . . . Phew !!! I'm comin to get ya Greenie !!

they set up an email address for people with missing codes,*** Email address is removed for privacy ***

Hi there THEOWENKILLER, thanks a lot for the e-mail address . . i'll send them a message later and see what i get back . . perhaps i'll post here to let you guys know how i got on :-).

Thanks again . . appreciated :-D

Just be aware after some people got the codes and downloaded them to their half completed games,it corrupted some peoples game saves back to zero.

I would back up any data to either your cloud storage or a usb device before downloading anything.

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