Catwoman code on second xbox

I entered my oiginal purchaser catwoman code on my primary xbox.

But it seems the code isn't account bound as when i try to add the content to my second xbox(having logged into live with the same account. i am told that the code has already been used............yes i know that BY ME!

So question is, is there a workround for this or is this content for one original xbox as well as user, what if your HD is damaged?

I can get round it be swapping HD between xbox's.but i would rather not have to do that all the time.

Never had an issue downloading MY content to all my box's before.


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you can`t use the code again but you can re-download from the marketplace if you have a hard drive problem.

Ah cheers buddy. Downloaded for the second box now, i was thinking about that the wrong way. Didn't think to just look on the marketplace were it is account bound.

Thks for the help

Yeah anything you download with your account can be used on any Xbox you are playing on.