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I've just gotten into playing Settlers of Catan IRL. I found the Xbox version this weekend, but have not bought it yet. Before I do, does anyone know if this game is a popular Xbox Live Multiplayer. I hate buying board games on Xbox, just to spend hours "searching" for anyone to play with. (Uno, Poker, Hasbro Game Night & etc... are great examples where is near impossible to find multiplayer)

No matter how great developers say the AI is, it usually isn't any better than playing with a 10 year old.

Also - How about Ticket to Ride? (Multiplayer)


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Catan and Ticket to Ride both look good but I have the same fear-that I wont find games online. Carcassone looks good as well.I have one that friend plays this one online a lot but not sure if she's playing random opponents or friends.Its kind of strange how quickly games end up in graveyards..Most online titles are forgotten after the first month.

You can still get games of cataan going pretty quickly during certain times. Like peak times

can be quick, and off hours can be a little slow, maybe like 5-10 mins max wait.

I've played it a few times solo, but haven't tried it live yet. If you want, you can hit me up for a game. But just so you know, the average length is about 90 minutes per game. My fastest was about 45, and my longest around 2 hours. I know some people don't like long board / card games.