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I alreayd asked this ont he epic boards, but with no answer figure I try here.

Will someone please explain to me how there are people playing casual multiplayer who kill like 40 and only die like 4? News flash, people who kill 40 while only die 4 know how to play the game. It also appears there are quite a few really good teams on there; wonder if people are exploiting this feature.

Other than the Gears 1 and 2 achievments, does anyone know how to get this achievement? It mus thave soemthing to do with number of kills, KDR, number of matches or WL something.


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I dont have any idea what your talking about, exploiting what feature?What achievement?

The achievement is worth 0 points f.y.i. As far as the requirements for not being able to play in casual, im not sure. I just know it put me straight into regular. Id imagine it has something to do with playtime on the other games


there is an achivement "Welcome to the big leagues" you get it by proving yourself in casual multiplayer. Now if you have some data from gears 1 and 2 already on your system you already get this achievment and are locked from playing casual multiplayer.

I believe the idea is to give new players a place to learn the game before moving to standard multiplayer. My question is how does one prove themselves, doing matches where you go 40/4 is enough proof in my book. I think there are people who create new tags so they can play casual and get large KDR stats.

Don't get me wrong I played with some really good people on casual but most people fall into solid players (way to good to play on this level) or worthless (why did you even buy an Xbox). I played a match today and was in a gunfight; another enemy came walking down the street and even walked between 3 of my teammates to help his buddy kill me. Then these two guys managed to kill the other 3 guys one by one becouse they refused to help each other out.

I just want this game mode to close (lock me out)  


 I can play on regular, which is really strange. You would think one would have to beat casual to move up.

I'll gain a few more levels on gears 2 and see if that helps

That is odd. You would think it would be one or the other. I know on my console, casual is greyed out and is not an option. I wonder if you're playing in a party, if you would have the option to play either, if one or more of the players are allowed to play casual? That could be the reason for having good players in casual I guess. Im not sure on how to "graduate" from casual to standard tho. You would think, regardless of skill, that after so many hours of gametime it would automatically put you into standard and not allow casual as an option...

I've never even seen a casual option or a greyed out one. I get what your saying now though.

It finally unlocked

 Not sure why but atleast no more playing with those people