CAstlevannia LOS Archivements

I have a problem with the archivements of the second DLC, i made it all the archivements and pop up but no count in my gamersocre, and the the count of my Castlevania LOS archivements first was 48 of 48. Then when the game update the archivements was 48 of 53. Now, i made all, in my history you can see this archivements but still 48 of 53. Is a problem of the second DLC (resurrection)  of castlevania LOS?


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The achievements don't unlock and this problem is being experienced by everybody. It's a Microsoft issue. The best thing you can do is call support and complain. They'll suggest you recover your gamer tag, that won't fix it, and they'll hopefully escalate the problem.

Do you mean "achievements"?

And were you logged in to Xbox Live when you accomplished them? Sometimes that affects how the achievements are displayed.

By the way, in the XBOX the archivements dont appear -_-