Caspian Drop outs?

Everytime I've been playing Caspian on Rush lately, the moment the Attackers take out the first two objectives, I keep dropping out. Annoying, my last match I got a third of the kills.


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Only problem i have had is playing Metro with more than 100 tickets and freezing. And it only seems to happen when i get to the third base or further.

I get kicked out after a match.  I get some "failed..." message and sent back to the home screen.   The problem is it's Dice servers doing it not any random server.  Of course, when I try to get back in, it's full.   Very annoying when you search page after page to find a real Dice server that's not full and you get kicked due to some server error.

I was 56-12 last night and was MVP of game til I randomly got booted. Has happen twice in two days. I shut down the 360 and went and played basketball both times.... This game is just getting boring to me...

Same, the match I was talking about, I was going 28-0, only on the first set of objectives. (Defenders)

Honestly, cannot say I have had any of the trouble you folks have been having.


Then again I pretty much refuse to play on anything other than CQ/100% servers.  Possible connection?

This was a Rush 100%.