Case West worth downloading?

is case west worth getting?


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Eh, I'm waiting for the new dead rising, where it puts Frank as the main character instead of Chuck.

It was on sale a few weeks ago ...

yes id say its worth downloading it. its quite interesting storyline they added frank west into the game (obviously).

For A True Fan Its A Definite Buy, If You Don't Know The Original Story As Well As The New Chuck Greene Plot Then You May Be Wasting Your Time, I Believe Cap-Com Seems To Nail Any Zombie Game They Make, If Its Zombies You Can Always Trust Cap-Com To See You Right, I Wish They Would Bring The Original 4 Resident Evil Game Out, Even As Arcade Games With 200 Gamer-score A Piece It Would Be Awesome!!!!

Of course, its like a full game stuffed into a tiny box.

crap... it looks like i missed that sale then. I was waiting for it to drop down too.

Was it 400 points during the sale?

I'm excited about the new one as well. What I'm stoked about though is dead island coming in the fall.

is it easy to learn how to play and master ?

resident evil 4 and code veronica are getting HD makeovers and will be available i think this fall.

truthfully no i was disapointed with it IMO i think Case 0 was better